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QingDao JNE-Express Co., Ltd.  
 Qingdao JNE-express Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in international express delivery business, I am the Division is mainly engaged in DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and other international express delivery business, provide our clients with fast, secure, high-quality services to build themselves Qingdao Logistics Transportation Division supermarket carrier for my business goals. For a long time, I focused on the Secretary to meet the market demand, continue to expand service area, providing customers with fast and secure express cargo services. With advanced and ideas, scientific management, new ideas, quality products, good reputation, pioneering spirit of dedication to customer service for the company's operating objectives.JNE to continuously strengthen the core competitiveness, efficient operating speed and high quality customer service, backed by China's express service industry trying to contribute to the development.
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Through only express odd numbers
   Can inquire from the transmission express item meets the goods person's all link condition to the express item delivery.
Condition and provision
   You can only undertake to transport through this tracking system to good, and by you to send the supplier, the undertaking side or receives the supplier the express item to carry on the track. If does not have good company's beforehand permission,
   The tracking system may not be used or relevant information for other purposes.